10 Things That Can Inspire Moldova (2016)

Online video | 2-3 min.

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Competition status  – participant

 Twenty video graphics, entitled ”10 Things Can Inspire Moldova” were created by the ”URMA ta” team in 2016.

The twenty video graphics selected illustrate ten positive things from 20 countries – including EU countries and EU Eastern Partnership Countries – that can inspire Moldovan authorities and citizens on the path to democracy and rule of law there.

The video graphics were gathered from broadcasts on TV Moldova 1 in prime time with a viewership of approximately 2 million (half of the country’s inhabitants). Video materials produced by ”URMA ta” addressed issues such as:

• Respect for the principle of equality and justice (”10 things from Sweden that can inspire Moldova”: Galina Precup – https://goo.gl/r0H6ig)
• Ethnic, cultural and religious diversity in Belgium (”10+1 countries that can inspire Moldova”: Doru Curoșu – https://goo.gl/253OMx)

• Respect for people with disabilities (”10 things from Ireland that can inspire Moldova”: Lena Ovcearenco – https://goo.gl/jYN8Cy)
• Civic spirit and responsiveness to the environment (”10 things from the USA that can inspire Moldova”: Cătălina Ţurcanu: https://goo.gl/pxXgdV) etc.

Submissions for the competition are done in an innovative way for online viewing in Moldova; the video graphics were highly appreciated by  professionals and the public alike.

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