Being Young in Ashagi Saral

Online Video / Special Mention / 2018 | 5 mins. 57 sec.

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Competition status  – Special Mention

Ilham Pashayev has just turned 17, but already he is the head of household in the small Georgian village of Ashagi Saral, Kvemo Kartli region.
Like many other ethnic Azerbaijanis living in the area, his mother and brothers migrated to Turkey for work, so he is left alone with his elderly grandmother who is without sight.

Ilham finds an escape in religion. He likes to attend the big mosque nearby and also studies at Islamic Religious School. He dreams of traveling to other regions upon graduation to promote Islam. This video story is produced by 15-year-old Aziz Qaniev and Alahverdi Qaniev from Marneuli, Georgia.

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Online Video / Special Mention / 2018

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