Brink (2015)

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  • Release Date: 12 Oct, 2015
  • Country Georgia
  • Author Marita Tevzadze
  • Concept/Web Design Autho Ana Jegnaradze
  • Provider of Online Content Project Brink
  • Submitting Institution Project Brink
  • Contact @@@


Competition status  – nominee

Brink is a transmedia project. Documentaries, shorts, voices, photos, gifs and stories from borderline and borderization regions in Georgia are placed on an interacitve map, where users can navigate and choose places, forms or hashtags.
Brink is the first transmedia project that also has broadcasted on Georgian TV. It won an open contest in 2015 and aired for three months on Georgian Broadcaster.

Videos and other materials focus on people in specific regions of Georgia and make observations on their everyday lives and thoughts, wishes and ideas.

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