My Moldova (2015)

Documentary | 10 min.

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Competition status  – participant

The project “My Moldova” by Natalia Sergheev portrays the complexity of a multinational country by highlighting the personal stories of Moldovans from ten different ethnic groups. All are united by their love for Moldova. Among those featured in the film are twin sisters of Romanian descent. Craftswomen Olga and Silvia Calea- Valea live in the village of Sculeni in Ungheni county. The annexation of Bessarabia by the USSR in 1940 caught them off guard; at the time, their father, Alecu Calea-Valea was on the right side of the river Prut, while his family was on the left side. To this day the twins, now 77,  still talk about the “cursed Prut River” that determined their separate fates, and recounting what it means to be a Romanian in Moldova. The second part of the film profiles Leon Akkerman,  a Jew from the city of Edinet whose parents fled Bessarabia during WW2 to avoid persecution. When they returned home, they found their city in ruins.

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