Erfan & nafrE

Documentary / 2016 | 16 min.

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Competition status  – Participant

Being a director in the Middle East and in Europe is actually almost two different professions. Erfan Khalili, a university theatre student who came from Iran to study in Ukraine experienced this phenomenon himself from his first year of studies. However, the change of environment did not provide him with answers; rather, the freedom of creativity brought new questions. What is talent? Where does it come from? Do you have it? And the most important one – what is your future in art?

Erfan is just beginning to look for answers while making his first work as a director. Actors, sounds, staging – all this reality enters the subconscious of the young director. Together with him the viewer will understand that, irrespective of geography, all of us in our short lives worry about the same eternal questions…

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