Generation Emigration

Documentary / Winner 2016 | 15

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  • Release Date: 13 Sep, 2016
  • Country Moldova
  • Director Natalia Sergheev
  • Broadcaster Moldova 1 Public TV
  • Submitting institution Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty


Competition status  – Winner

Moldova is a young country without youth: in recent years nearly 20% of young Moldovans have emigrated abroad in search of better work and a better life.

Crippled by corruption and bureaucracy, the 25-year old post-Soviet republic has little to offer their brightest young minds, the very individuals most equipped to help implement the fundamental societal change their country so badly needs.

‘Generation Emigration’ explores the phenomenon of mass youth emigration from Moldova through the individual stories of three young Moldovans in Europe, separated by their own distinct dreams and goals, but connected in that conditions in their home country were the main obstacle to achieving those dreams and building a life for themselves.

Through their personal journeys, this film examines the tension between an individual’s obligation to society vs. a society’s obligation to its citizens, as well as questions of national identity, patriotism, and the growing pains of a democratic society in Europe’s poorest country.

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Documentary / Winner 2016

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