How did the VISA-free regime with the EU affect the opportunities of the residents of the transnistrian region of Moldova?

News report / 2018 | 12 min.

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  • Release Date: 16 Jan, 2018
  • Country Moldova
  • Author Anjela Zakharova
  • Broadcaster Elita TV
  • Submitting institution Elita TV
  • TV programme AS IT IS


Competition status – Participant

Residents of Transnistria and politicians from the Republic of Moldova assess the impact of a visa-free regime with the EU on the unrecognized region. Before launching a visa free regime, the local passport served only as an identity document. Transdnistrians had to obtain the citizenship and passports of Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania or other countries in order to travel abroad. Now they enjoy new opportunities for international travel, education and training.

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