News / TV Report / 2018 | 8 mins.

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 25 Sep, 2018
  • Country Armenia
  • Author Varduhi Meltonyan
  • Broadcaster Multimedia Kentron TV
  • Submitting institution Multi Media Kentron TV CJSC
  • TV Programme Etnolur


Competition Status  – Participant

This is a TV report about Italians living in Armenia. Daniel Penakia can often be seen in the squares of Yerevan. After a full work day, he likes to walk with his Japanese girlfriend Isako and, as he says, enjoy the beautiful weather in Yerevan.
Daniel shows us how to cook real Italian spaghetti and talks about Italian traditions. In addition, a master of flying pizza from Sicily, Pasqualino Barbasso reveals the secrets of Italian pizza.

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