Moldovan Palette (2015 )

Documentary | 29 mins

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  • Release Date: 24 Jan, 2015
  • Country Moldova
  • Author Natalia Sineavscaia
  • Broadcaster N4 (Moldova)
  • Submitting Institute Association of Women-Journalists of Moldova “Viziunea Noua” (New Vision)


Competition status – Participant

Program Moldovan Palette talks about the artistic, multi-ethnic diversity of the Moldovan art, the education of young artists, designers, about the already well-known masters of the past and the present, about the connection of times between generations. Viktor Kuzmenko, the principle of the Shchusev Art School in Chisinau told us that the school has been celebrating its 55th anniversary. He said that 5000 people graduated from it, and that today there were 280 students. The principal of the school had introduced innovative teaching methods. Pupils also told us what attracts them towards learning art. Tatiana Fedorova was being interviewed, she’s a teacher, a famous painter. The works of Tatyana Fedorova have been exhibited in France, the Netherlands, Sweden and other countries. Her strong point – conceptual art.
Polina Kolomiets, head of conservation of the National Museum of Art, told us on the show how to replenish the collection. She described how the masterpieces of Russian art, Italian and other canvases of foreign masters appeared there.
The real pride of the museum also consists of the works of famous Moldavian painters. More than 90 works of Mihai Grecu were acquired and two taken as a gift.
Dmitry Peicev – famous Moldavian painter. In the interview he talks about the great Mihai Grecu, who grew up with Russian, Moldavian, Romanian art. He tells us how Grecu survived the evacuation, how he then returned to his homeland, how he lived and worked. In Chisinau there is a lyceum Grecu. The film crew has been there already.
Famous designer Mikhail Orlov told us about Ilya Bogdesco, the artist whose manuscripts are kept by the royal families of Spain, Britain and the president of Russia. The artist studied in Romania, Russia, lived for a long time in Moldova, and then – again in Russia.
Artistic life in Moldova is like a mosaic panel into the creation of which everyone makes its contribution. Different schools and cultural codes of many countries … – all of that intertwine, transform and a new layer of fine art is born

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