MyAngle (2015)

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  • Release Date: 31 Jan, 2015
  • Country Georgia
  • Author George Gogua
  • Submission institution MyAngle


Competition status  – winner

MyAngle is the only professional network in the South Caucasus that exists to bring together journalists, photographers, videographers, artists, graphic designers, musicians and other creative professionals and students in the South Caucasus on a single platform to support multimedia journalism.

MyAngle is the project of Media Artivism, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in Georgia and supported by Free Press Unlimited, a Dutch media foundation whose aim is to help journalists in conflict zones to provide their audience with trustworthy news and information.

In this new age of journalism, where the offline and online worlds have collided, the concept of MyAngle is to encourage and develop collaboration and connections between professionals both inside the individual countries of the South Caucasus, but also across borders and conflict lines.

Such connections are necessary not only to fill the information void between Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and the outside world, but also with a larger international audience that knows little or nothing about the South Caucasus.
However, MyAngle is not just a portfolio website. It is a bridge between the peoples of the South Caucasus and also within their respective societies where divisions can and do exist between minority and majority communities as well as between sub-cultures.

Though it does touch upon conflict-related issues in the interest of working towards peace in the region, MyAngle also features work and stories about everyday issues, daily life, traditional and contemporary cultural activities, and minorities.
The MyAngle team believes that this is the best approach to building positive and lasting communication and trust between those from different cultures and backgrounds despite the three frozen conflicts in the region.

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