Ninotsminda Community Radio (2012)

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Ninotsminda Community Radio has operated since September 2006 as a project of the BBC World Service. In January of 2008 it was registered as a non-governmental organization.

A distinctive feature of our radio is that it is run by active community member volunteers. The radio broadcasts daily information, entertainment, as well as original programming. A group of Doukhobors, an ethnic-confessional group known to live mostly in Russia, reside in Ninotsminda Municipality. Ninotsminda is inhabited by different ethnic groups, such as eco-migrant Muslims from Adjara. Ninotsminda is a mainly populated by ethnic Armenians, but the region was isolated for many years during Soviet times due to its border location with Turkey and Armenia. For a long time, the state did not take steps to teach the state language to its national minorities, hindering integration. The main problem in the region is a lack of media programming to promote integration. Radio Nor fills this void by airing integration-oriented  programs and training in the state language.


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