Otilia Tarlapan. Swedish Motifs

Documentary / 2016 | 15 min.

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 10 Feb, 2016
  • Country Moldova
  • Director Eugeniu Popovici
  • Broadcaster Moldova 1
  • Submitting institution Moldova 1


Competition status  – Participant

Otilia Tarlapan was born in the Republic of Moldova but has been established in Stockholm for many years. She likes living there because she find Swedes to be intelligent, curious and kind people;  they love sports and spend their time enjoying nature. She says that the Swedish capital has some things in common with Chişinău and her favorite places in Stockholm are the parks and the old town. Sweden inspires her with its calm tranquility, spaciousness, inspiration and creativity. She works as a teacher in a local school and in her free time she prefers to paint nature, particularly ships and owls; if she were in Moldova or Romania, she would paint horses. When someone asks her where she
comes from, she answers proudly that she is from Moldova and always tells them some good story about our country.

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