Our Yard (2014)

Entertainment | 26 min.

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The programme starts with the national anthem of Ukraine, which is sang by Georgian singers dressed in Chokhas. The programme is about the Meidan Square events in Kiev. Also,  Its about Ukrainians living in Georgia.  Hosts talk about Ukrainians who settled in Georgia in a different time.
Ukrainians history in Georgia starts in the 18th century after disbanding of Zaporojie sech, says Professor Boris Siniuk, whose ancestors were settled down here. He remembers Lesia Ukrainka, who was living in Georgia for eight years. He also tells us about Davit Guramishvilis career in Ukraine.

Next guests of the programme are Women who started living in Georgia in the period of CCCP. For them, Georgia is the second homeland. They miss Ukraine, but Drawing, singing, and other activities make this missing easier to endure. They also tell us the real recipe for Ukrainian Borsch.

Singer Ivana Melai is also from Ukraine. She came to Georgia 2 years ago. She made his career here as a TV Host. She tells host about her impressions about Georgia.

A veteran of the Abkhazia war, Director Goga Chkonia, is talking on the Meidan rally about Ukrainian soldiers who died inAbkhaziaa war against Russian occupants.

In the last part of the programme, the hosts are meeting Ukrainians in Tbilisi Ukrainian cafe. This people were forced to leave Ukraine so they came here. New citizens of Georgia talk about difficulties in Ukraine and aslo their impression about Georgia. 

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