Jana Davtyan, Puppeteer (2015)

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 The story of one family,  like many other Armenian families,  lives in the so-called Armenian part of old Tbilisi.  Davtyan’s family is deep-rooted Tbilisians of Armenian origin although their house has its own identity because a small marionette Puppet Theater is located there.
The History of Davtyan’s Family Theater starts in the tumultuous’ 90s of the last century. While civil war took place in 1992, in the streets of the central part of Tbilisi, Gary Davtyan, the head of the family and its members decided to organize a small workshop of marionette puppets and set the small puppet theater right in the living room of Davtyan’s house in Avlabari.
In the 90s when Tbilisi and the whole country was isolated from the outside world and the country was in deep economic and social crisis, few people took cultural initiatives seriously. One of them was Gary Davtyan, who made various marionette puppets in his tiny house and made several short family plays.
Years were passing, and no locals but mostly guests from abroad used to visite Davtyans Family Theater.  Most of them were amazed by what they have seen.
In that Difficult time when the majority of the population wanted to migrate because of the increased hunger, and cold winters, Davtyan family was several times offered to resettle in Yerevan, or in other cities where Armenian Diaspora offered better working conditions, but they refused it.
The Master Gary Davtyan refused to move from Tbilisi, from that “magic city” as he always referred about his lovely city. Later, after he passed away, Jana Davtyan, his wife declined all proposals regarding the transfer or moving the theater outside of Tbilisi, from that particular Davtyans House, where the master was inspired to create his fantabulous puppets.

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