Starving Fishermen (2016)

News | 7 min.

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  • Release Date: 16 May, 2015
  • Country Georgia
  • Author Kakhaber Nozadze
  • Broadcaster Rustavi 2
  • Submitting institution Rustavi 2


Competition status – participant

Two Armenian villages near Tabatskuri lake in the Javakheti district are on the brink of starvation. For many years people there fed themselves by fishing; in the harsh climate conditions fishing was their only income. One day an investor came to the village and claimed all rights to the lake, including fishing. Villagers say the investor acquired the fishing rights clandestinely and now they are prohibited from even approaching the lake. The governmental bodies hand in hand with the investor cut off the population from their only means of existence. Locals are concerned that the situation may develop into an ethnic conflict due to the indifference on the part of the local administration.

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