The Tower

Short Documentary / Winner / 2018 | 4 mins.

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 08 Aug, 2018
  • Country Georgia
  • Author Salome Jashi
  • Broadcaster Tv Pirveli
  • Submitting institution Indigo


Competition Status  – Winner

The Tower was an iconic place in the village of Ksuisi. This is where kids went when they skipped school, men gathered to have a drink, couples hid to kiss. After the Russo-Georgian war of 2008, the village was occupied by Russia, while the tower remained on the Georgian side. The villagers of Ksuisi were forced to leave and relocate to a special settlement for displaced people.

The film was created for project 08.08.08 which collects stories of those who have been through the war.

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Short Documentary / Winner / 2018

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Georgiainternal migrants