Winekeepers (2015 )

Documentary | 57 mins.

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 27 Jan, 2015
  • Country Georgia
  • Author Giorgi Molodinashvili
  • Broadcaster GPB
  • Submitting Institute GPB


Competition status- Participant

The film “Winekeepers” reflects the oldest method of making a pitcher in Georgia. This tradition along with winemaking is still alive in Georgia and remains almost the same as it used to be in ancient times.
Pitcher, as before, still protects and keeps the Georgian wine.
The film shows how the pitchers are built in one Georgian region – Imereti and then brought to another region – Kakheti, to be buried in the cellar and filled with grape juice.
The unique Georgian method of pitcher wine making is recognised to be non-material cultural heritage and it is on UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list.

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