God (2016)

Online video | 5.44 min.

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  • Release Date: 04 Apr, 2016
  • Country Ukraine
  • Author Diana Butsko
  • Submitting institution By author


Competition status  – participant

Zhora, an 11 year-old Roma boy is forced to work instead of  going to school. He still has not learned to read or write.
Zhora tells the story of his large family.

He lives in the village of Ruskie Komarovtsy in Transcarpathia. Together with eight brothers and sisters and their parents, they live in a small two-room house.

Zhora talks about how he became acquainted with some volunteers who became his friends. He carefully stores all of the photos from the summer camp organized by the volunteers.

Zhora loves to play with his younger brothers and sisters. Despite facing some very grown-up challenges, he is still a child.

Zhora considers himself God; he doesn’t count on anybody except himself. Even though he is a boy, he understands that if he wants to eat, he has to go to work.

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