The Country of Songs. Ensemble “Kyselianochka” / Ensemble “Berehynia”

Music Show / 2020 |

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 20 Apr, 2020
  • Author Stanislav Medvedev
  • Co-author Yulia Nozdran
  • Director Ganna Kramarenko
  • Producer Stanislav Medvedev
  • Broadcaster UA PERSHYI / UA PBC
  • Country Ukraine


Competition status – Nominee

It has been said that folk music unites people of different professions, generations and even nations. The first episode of the music programme The Country of Songs is dedicated to such interethnic exchange between two cultures. The Belarusian-Ukrainian ensemble Kyselianocka demonstrates that folk culture has no language barriers, and the main character of the episode, Vira Yakivna, will even give us a recipe for the national Belarusian dish. The ensemble Berehynia demonstrates the idea that it’s „never too late”. With an average age of 80 years, its members became real celebrities in Ukraine and also abroad, and the group members even took their first plane trip!

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The Country of Songs

Music Show / 2020

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