16 Year-Old Wives

Documentary / 2019 |

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  • Release Date: 31 Jul, 2019
  • Author Gulgun Mamedkhanova
  • Director Gulgun Mamedkhanova
  • Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA)
  • Country Georgia


Competition status – Winner

Early marriage in Georgia, in a region populated by ethnic minorities, is a typical story – everyone talks about it. However, you don’t often find women who are willing to tell you their stories. The reasons are many, but the primary one is the fear of appearing in public. Author Gulgun Mametkhanova herself is a member of this ethnic minority living in Georgia. In the film, she finds a way to give a voice to women who whisper their stories. Note: The names of the characters in the movie have been changed.

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16 Year-Old Wives

Documentary / 2019

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