Home in Marienfeld (2014)

Documentary | 59.55 min.

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Competition status  – nominee

The village Marienfeld, district Cimislia, was founded in 1911 by Bessarabian Germans. The descendants of Germans who lived until 1940 in Marienfeld returned our days to the Republic of Moldova. Olga Schuppel and Arthur Schaible are trying to find their fathers houses. They are describing the former Merienfeld excitedly.
Olga was born and lived in Marienfeld until the age of seven. She entered the house where she spent her childhood. Olga described every room and reminded of her grandparents. Then, she pulled out a bucket of water from the fountain built by her father. Artur Schaible, instead, was born during displacement. He tells about these places what he heard from his parents.
The protagonists of the documentary note that the repatriation of Germans in 1940 was a terrible moment. People were forced to leave their households and forget this town.
Meetings between former and present residents are very emotional and sometimes funny.
Marienfeld is a village in southern Moldova. The fact that Germans lived here is known only because of some houses, that has remained until today, most of them uninhabited. In 1940 the village remained deserted. Those about 100 German families have returned to their motherland, after an agreement between Hitler and Stalin. The Soviets established here a rural household and renamed the village in Pervomaisk. The new inhabitants who were very poor, found here good homes, furnished houses, and agricultural land.

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