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  • Release Date: 14 Feb, 2020
  • Author Vitali Gaidarji
  • Director Mihail Rezunet
  • Producer Vitali Gaidarji
  • Broadcaster GRT
  • Country Moldova
  • Organization Media Birlii - Uniunia Media


Competition status  – Winner

The action takes place in a village in the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia, Republic of Moldova. The characters of the film are an 88-year-old blind woman and four generations of her family. The younger generations are forced to leave their country in order to feed themselves. The old woman can’t hear the voices of her grandchildren. She can’t convey the richness of their native language, the numerous ancestral traditions and customs to those who have left. This distance leads to the disintegration of relations between generations and to the disappearance of the national language and culture.

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Entertainment / 2020

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