Abduction of Minaret (2013)

30 mins

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 25 Sep, 2013
  • Country Georgia
  • Author Levan Sutidze
  • Broadcaster Tabula TV
  • Submitting Institute Foundation for Civic Education


Competition status- Participant

We advocate for individual freedom, economic freedom, secular state, Georgia’s integration in Euro-Atlantic institutions, rights of minorities, political pluralism, rule of law. To contribute to the accomplishment of our stated goals, Tabula has launched talk show “Talks about Religion,” a weekly religious program hosted by Mr. Levan Sutidze, prominent journalist and activist for religious freedom and LGBT rights. The program has been running since 25 September 2013. The show has absolutely no precedent in Georgia – apart from giving a forum to all religious groups to discuss the essence of different religions, it provides critical assessment of statements by Georgian Orthodox Church.

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