About Gagauz “Car Industry” (2015 )

News | 7 mins

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 20 Sep, 2015
  • Country Moldova
  • Author Alexander Dzekisz
  • Broadcaster CANAL3
  • Submitting Institute CANAL3


Competition status- Participant

This story is about wise people from Dezginja village, from south of Republic of Moldova. Becouse they don’t have enought  money to buy agricultural machinery, they have to collect it  themself.
Our hero is Ivan Uzun.  He redid the “Zhiguli” produced in the Soviet Union in the mini -tractor and uses it for processing of land. Also from the same car, he created a truck and also uses this for agriculture.
I would like to retail this and other stories about people who have to find a way out of the situation because of the difficult financial situation. For example, one man uses his car instead of horse. He does not have the usual trailer for the car , but only a cart , which remained after his horse fell ill and died .
In another episode , we will talk about how one local man made a tricycle. Nobody has this one.
The story will end with telling about Ivan Uzun and his family. Ivan says that he will not give up and will construct a newer better car.

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