Avenue of Science (2016)

Online video | 9.13 min.

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 05 Oct, 2016
  • Country Ukraine
  • Author Eugene Savvateev
  • Published by 86PROKAT
  • Submitting institution 86PROKAT


Competition status  – participant 

Not far from the center of Kyiv,  a Roma (gypsy) camp has settled on the Avenue of Science. The families came from Transcarpathia to Kyiv for work. While the parents are at work, the children should be going to school. But unfortunately their school is located some 800 kilometers from the capital. That is why a group of volunteers organized reading and writing lessons for the Roma children . Among the most active students is 12-year-old Claudia, who studies and helps her friends. Lessons take place in a variety of settings: in  huts, at the bus stop, in a meadow near the camp. Children learn against the backdrop of life in the Roma camp with washing clothes, cooking food over a fire and, of course, music. Claudia wants to have a profession and change her life. The first step of her journey begins on the Avenue of Science.

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