Ours Among Them (2016)

Documentary | 42 min.

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 16 Feb, 2016
  • Country Armenia
  • Author Victoria Maksoeva
  • Broadcaster Caucasian Internet Diary
  • Submission Institution Agora Georgia


Competition status – Participant


The documentary ” Ours Among Them,” tells of story of Georgians in Armenia. The film’s author, Victoria Maksoeva (Georgia) heads the NGO “Agora-Georgia;” the cameraman-director is Garik Abelyan (Armenia). The project was supported by the European Foundation “Horizon,” the center for cultural relations “Caucasian House,” the ex-ambassador of Armenia in Georgia Hovhannes Manoukyan and “Creative Georgia News.”  This documentary aims to change the stereotype that Armenia is a mono-ethnic country. Showing an active Georgian diaspora community in Armenia and a thriving Georgian culture, the film highlights how the Armenian government supports community organizations, a newspaper, and the Georgian church. “Ours Among Them” is the first film addressing this topic.

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