Safe Zone

Documentary / 2020 |

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  • Release Date: 05 May, 2020
  • Author Arpi Bekaryan
  • Director Arpi Bekaryan
  • Country Armenia


Competition status – Nominee

I am from the generation born during and after the war, in a closed and isolated society. I have not experienced Armenians and Azerbaijanis living, working and co-existing together. I do not have memories from those times; I have only the stereotypes that society, school and the media have taught me and everyone else in my generation. The words enemy and Azerbaijani had always been synonyms for me until I went to Tbilisi. This film is about the „hidden” community of Armenians and Azerbaijanis who have the chance to gather together only in a third country, who need to talk to each other and who sometimes are frightened of their friendships.

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Safe Zone

Documentary / 2020

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