How to Cross (From Jiliz to Jiliz)

Documentary / Winner 2015 |

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  • Release Date: 20 Apr, 2015
  • Country Armenia
  • Author Sona Kocharyan, Marine Kocharyan
  • Screened HotDocs
  • Submitting institution Individual


Competition status  – winner

There is a border everyone speaks of, but no one has ever seen. Nothing but a small stream separates a village into two parts – Armenian and Georgian. Lousine, a little girl living in the Armenian part of the village dreams of seeing her relatives who live on the other side. Although only a kilometer separates them physically, the inconvenient border forces them to travel 100 kilometers to reach each other.

Lousine, her family, and fellow villagers seem to be faced daily with the questions: What is a border? Where is the border? Why do we need a border? Seeking answers, Lousine decides to undertake the journey from Jiliz to Jiliz.

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Documentary / Winner 2015

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