Imedi Hero – Klara Potskhverashvili – Georgian Language Teacher in Poka (2013)

Documentary | 17.30 min.

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 11 Nov, 2013
  • Country Georgia
  • Author Nino Azmaiparashvili
  • Broadcaster Imedi TV
  • Submitting institution Imedi TV


Competition status – Participant

This film is about a woman and about a part of Georgia where no Georgian tv channels can be broadcasted.
Almost hundred percent of Ninotsminda population is ethnically Armenians.  Klara Potsxverishvili decided to move to this region.  Klara set herself a goal to rescue Georgian schools.  She has managed to open and restore five Georgian schools, she has introduced Georgian language classes to Armenian schools.
School teacher, Klara, made it possible for the new generation of this area to learn  Georgian. Her pupils started to study in Georgian universities,  win prizes in the Georgian calligraphy competitions and take part in school plays about Georgian folk poetry.
Klara has no family of her own.  She has a mother and a sister in Tbilisi who continue to wait for her returning home, although she has remained in Foka and is carrying on her work there for twenty six years now.  Klara herself stays at the Foka nunnery.  Today Klara’s biggest dream is to open a Teacher’s House in Ninotsminda.         

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