Landscape Matrix (2014)

Documentary | 27 mins.

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The film describes the lifestyle and traditions of Doukhobors living in Georgia. This religious group was settled in Javakheti, Georgia in 1841. The settled Doukhabors created communes and were formed as separate ethnic units. Several families live in the Gorelovka village. They have kept their traditions and faith. The film characters are telling about their customs and religion. In 1895 over 2000 Doukhobors have burnt the weapon as a protest against the violence. Due to the fact, the Viceroy Vorontsov punished them and sent the Cossack regiments to the village, all of the men were whipped, and part of them were exiled to Siberia – one of the characters recalls the story. The Doukhobors are telling about their religion. The main essence of their faith is that God lives in the soul of a human, they have individual Psalms, and they consider that they do not need the priest either for talking with god nor for performing the rituals. Doukhobors refused any outward expressions of religiosity. The characters in the film are talking about their traditions, showing us the traditional clothes and embroidery. While asking the question – who is the Doukhobor – one of the Characters responds: those who are pure with body and deeds, meek and humble, doing kind things; those who realize the god with their soul and words, by their internal conditions. In the 18th century, one of the Bishops called them Doukhobors, before this, they were known as the humans of God. They have to live between the borders of two homelands in the Village Gorelovka.

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