People, War and Migration (2016)

Online video | 3.16 min.

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  • Release Date: 28 Aug, 2016
  • Country Ukraine
  • Author Roman Pleten
  • Submitting institution By author


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Ukraine has seen an increase in the number of migrants in recent years due to war and poverty. Escalating confrontations between locals and migrants shows that not everybody is receptive to the resettlers. The confrontations are sometimes just verbal fights, but sometimes they are worse, and the result could be hundreds of victims. The war machine is running up an enormous sums of money, meanwhile the number of military conflicts is growing. People start to migrate irrationally; their goal is survival. The migrants for their part do not want to improve their way of living, nor are they interested in local customs and traditions. This video outlines my thoughts on the reasons for migration and the obstacles that migrants sometimes create to finding a common language with the local populations.

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