Stolen Happiness

News / 2018 | 8 mins.

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 02 May, 2018
  • Country Ukraine
  • Author Olha Krechko
  • Broadcaster TV channel STB
  • Submitting institution TV channel STB
  • TV Programme Vikna-novyny


Competition Status  – Nominee

This is the story of internal migrants. The annexation of Crimea by Russia, many Crimean Tatars lost their homes and were forced to leave the peninsula. Many of them settled in Western Ukraine, a region known to be strongly religious. This material is about mutual understanding between two different religious groups – Muslims and Christians, from two very different cultures. The film debunks the myth of misunderstanding and rejection by Ukrainians from different regions of the country. The film’s heroes showed that no matter what religion you are, most important is the kind of person you are.

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News / 2018

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Crimeainternal migrationUkraine