Thoughts Aloud

Art-Public / 2016 | 5 min.

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 22 Jun, 2012
  • Country Moldova
  • Director Alunica Lepadatu
  • Broadcaster Moldova1
  • Submitting Institution Moldova1


Competition status  – Participant

Thoughts Aloud is a collage of several features from the Petalo Romano TV program broadcast in the Romani language in Moldova. The programs are presented as cultural-entertainment.

Video pieces include: Grigore Lisita – the artist who painted the portraits of the inhabitants of a Roma village in Romania; Profile of a Roma music band from Moldova; Pushkin and “The Gypsies”; The creation of the film “Tabor goes to sky” –  event recovery; New Year’s show with  predictions for the coming year; a program about “Roma Street” – an open-market in the north of Moldova; and a Roma driving school in Balti, Moldova.

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