Andin:Armenian Journey Chronicles (2014)

Documentary | 128 mins.

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 18 Jul, 2014
  • Country Armenia
  • Author Ruben Giney
  • Broadcaster H1
  • Submitting institution Orion Studio


Competition status – Participant 

ANDIN: ARMENIAN JOURNEY CHRONICLES is an exciting experience about traveling to the farthest corners of an Asian Сontinent trying to resolve a single question: how the Armenians were able to move along the Silk Road and link the east and west, long before the discovery age?
Within three years, the crew filmed in 11 countries including Armenia, France, India, China, Tibet, Central Asia, Russia, Santo Domingo.
In pursuit of unique archival materials, manuscripts, personal journals, and diaries from the libraries of Paris, London, Mexico, Lisbon were filmed. The results of these studies formed the basis of an academic essay. ANDIN: ARMENIAN JOURNEY CHRONICLES conceived as a project that will allow the viewer to make discoveries together with filmmakers. While making the film, the crew searched for legendary artifacts such as the sunken ship of the famous pirate, William Kidd or a mysterious Armenian monastery at the bottom of Lake Issyk Kul near the Chinese border where remains of one of Christ’s disciples are kept.  

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