Before Our Voting (2016)

News | 6.20 min.

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 14 Sep, 2016
  • Country Armenia
  • Author Armen Sargsyan
  • Broadcaster Media Initiatives Center
  • Submitting institution Media Initiatives Center


Competition status  – special mention

A series of TV programs presenting diverse, pluralistic and objective information on elections: legislation, state and social structures, protection of voters’ rights, involvement of social groups, electoral law violations, etc. The programs present human stories, viewpoints, information and analysis in an entertaining format, a genre commonly called infotainment.

The TV program was produced over the period 2007-2013 during Armenia’s  parliamentary, presidential and municipal elections. It was broadcast on various channels in Yerevan as well as in Armenia’s regions. Before Our Voting follows the story of a married couple who are both running for the office of mayor in their village elections. The candidacy of both husband and wife creates an awkward situation, dividing opinions in their Armenian village. In the end, while the wife loses the election, she wins the battle at home. Her example became known throughout Armenia.

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