Belarusians Translate from Belarusian (2016)

Online video | 4.19 min.

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 23 May, 2016
  • Country Belarus
  • Author Gleb Labadzenka
  • Published by Mova Nanova
  • Submitting institution Mova Nanova


Competition status  – participant

Andrei is a young black musician in Minsk who speaks the Belarusian language. Hearing Belarusian is a rarity on the streets of Minsk these days. For the film, Andrei pretended to be a foreigner and asked passers by to assist him by translating a text from the Belarusian language. A hidden camera records the exchanges. As people translate, they wonder aloud: why are they having such difficulty with the text? Why don’t Belarusians speak their own language? What a surprise it was for the people when Andrei began to softly speak to them in Belarusian.

The video was produced by the free public Belarusian language program “Mova Nanova” (“Language Anew”). It shows the importance of both cultural diversity and national identity for Belarusians.

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