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  • Release Date: 12 Jul, 2019
  • Author Vladimir Bokun
  • Director Vladimir Bokun
  • Producer Vladimir Bokun
  • Broadcaster ONT
  • Country Belarus


Competition status – Winner

Janine Kryntsevich was born in the small mining town near Lille to a family of labor migrants from Poland. During WWII, the Soviet government offered the Kryntsevich family, like many others, the opportunity to leave for the Soviet Union. They were promised good work and the possibility to return to France any time. The family agreed. Upon arrival to Belarus, their French passports were confiscated and the way back to France was lost. The possibility for Janine to visit her hometown came only 72 years after leaving it. Now 88 years old, this journey became a real challenge for Janine.

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TV Documentary / 2019

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