Borsch. The Secret Ingredient

Cooking Show / 2020 |

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  • Release Date: 16 Feb, 2020
  • Author Natalka Yakimovich
  • Director Evgeni Klopotenko
  • Producer Natalka Yakimovich
  • Broadcaster FILM.UA Group
  • Country Ukraine


Competition status – Special Mention

Meat-based or vegetarian, with or without beans, potatoes in or out, tomato sauce or fresh tomatoes added, dried mushrooms, smoked pears, or maybe just mom’s borsch? Which variation should be considered „the real thing”? The battles have endured for years. It serves as motivation for Yevhen Klopotenko, a well-known chef, to set out on a journey across Ukraine to uncover the most intriguing borsch recipes and to find the secret ingredients that make this dish unique! During his trip, Yevhen concludes that people and their values, not ingredients, are most important. These secret ingredients from a variety of different regions and people are something even greater than love!

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Borsch. The Secret Ingredient

Cooking Show / 2020

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