Bridges to Europe

Interview / 2018 | 23 min.

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 20 Mar, 2017
  • Country Moldova
  • Author Nicolai Ecaterina Covali
  • Broadcaster REALITATEA TV, Canal Regional, Euro TV, Elita TV
  • Submitting institution Association for Development and Cooperation


Competition status – Participant

“Bridges to Europe” is an innovative TV programme that provides alternative, credible information about the process of European integration to dispel the myths spread in Moldovan media by Russian propaganda. EU member state officials that were part of the former communist bloc (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria) share their EU integration experience, offering insights and advice to Moldovan politicians, businesses and the general public in a series of 30 minute interviews.

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Interview / 2018

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