In the pan (2015)

Entertainment | 25 min.

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 03 Sep, 2015
  • Country Ukraine
  • Author Liliia Vashatko
  • Broadcaster 5 Kanal
  • Submitting institution


Competition status – participant 

“In the pan” is a new project that will be aired nationally on Channel 5, four times per month on weekends with replays and announcements. This is an entertainment program where public figures in the country come to the kitchen to prepare their original dishes, display their culinary skills and also discuss their work and their views on important issues of the day. We chose the kitchen because it is here, over a cup of tea or coffee we usually discuss important family matters. And the country – this is our big family. Well-Known personalities appear on our show, including politicians, filmmakers, architects, doctors, etc.

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