Let There Be Peace (2015)

Online video | 2 min.

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  • Release Date: 27 Sep, 2015
  • Country Azerbaijan
  • Author Muhammad Agha
  • Contact @@@


Competition status  – nominee

The slogan ‘Let There Be Peace’ is not just a few words that express the principles of a certain person from a certain nation in a certain country. In today’s unstable times, with conflicts, war and the tremendous flow of migrants and refugees as a result, terrible terms such as racism, ethnic hatred, discrimination, xenophobia, Islamophobia and antisemitism become frighteningly common. This short video depicts how completely different people of various nationalities and religions, belonging to different races and speaking different languages discuss the same issues – peace and coexistence. The participants in the video are all residents of one country – Azerbaijan, although some of them arrived from Kenya, Nigeria, Turkey, etc. Despite the fact that Azerbaijan is populated mostly by Muslims, those who once were foreigners can still become full members of one big family.

The video was filmed in a studio in 2015. The whole process took six months. About 150 people were involved. In the video, participants urge people to love their neighbors regardless of skin color, religion or language spoken. The average age of the participants in the video is 20-22.

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