Nij (2016)

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  • Release Date: 10 Oct, 2016
  • Country Azerbaijan
  • Author Khayyam Mazanov


Competition status  – participant

Nij is a settlement in the Azerbaijani town of Gabala and is populated by the ancient Udi people – an ancient nation.
The film illustrates the multicultural environment of different nationalities living in the Nij settlement and how they respect each other’s religious beliefs despite all of the differences between them. Even though they have different customs and traditions, Udis – a Christian group that has inhabited this territory since ancient times, still take part in various Muslim holidays, and the Muslim majority is very respectful to their traditions.

The film depicts different nationalities living in the same settlement with their neighbors, often very close ones.

The priest Raufig (in Azeri – Rafig) is speaking about a baptism and is headed to the Mosque to visit the Imam. When the bells of the Church ring, the azan (muslim call to prayer) starts. They hug each other at the Mosque.

In the film, we can see the wedding of an Udi boy and an Azeri girl. The wedding is carried out with special customs and traditions; it lasts for two days and the newly married couple who represent different religions, promise to respect each other’s beliefs. The ancient gates at Nij are illustrated with ancient Albanian symbols.
Notably, the film also shows a one-roomed house that was home to an unknown Turkish Prince at the beginning of the 20th Century.

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