Talking Letters (2013)

Documentary | 53 mins

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 06 Nov, 2013
  • Country Moldova
  • Author Pavel Braila
  • Broadcaster Cottbus festival
  • Submitting Institute ARTWATT, Chisinau


Competition status- Participant 

The film “Talking Letters” wants to portrait Romani language that is an extraordinary case of a survival of a language against every social, economic, political and education related circumstances. For hundreds of hundreds of years Romani speakers have kept their language as a small minority surrounded by other languages without a writing system, school system, without media and a state to defend their language, simply by their own tradition and persistence. Showing the individual case of Roma fighting for the maintenance of Romani language in Romania, Lithuania, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Austria the film gives an inside in different realities of Romani speakers who – against every pressure of assimilation – are inventing their own ways of keeping, transmitting and promoting their language. This persistence and vitality raises hopes that Romani will continue to contribute to the linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe although UNESCO reported Romani as a language in danger and predicted its disappearance in near future.

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