The Fate of the Radziwills Collection

News / TV Report / 2018 | 10

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  • Release Date: 28 Jun, 2017
  • Country Belarus
  • Author Inga Khrushcheva
  • Broadcaster Belbusiness Channel
  • TV Programme Business news
  • Submitting Institution Belbusiness Channel


Competition Status – Participant

Much is now known about the wealth of the Radziwills, the most powerful family in Belarus. At the beginning of the 20th Century, the weapons arsenal of Nesvizh’s princes could easily be called one of the best collections in Europe. Palaces and castles, hundreds of paintings, jewels, libraries … Today, little remains of the family’s collections.

This program describes collaboration between museum staff and European collectors to uncover what happened to the family’s collection of riches.

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