The Molokans: Reality Without Myths (2015)

Documentary | 29, 30 min.

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Competition status  – Participant

The film is about Petr Kosolapov, a Molokan, who lived in Yerevan during 90s. His Armenian neighbors highly respected this honest and hard-working person. However, every day the kids in the yard were driving him crazy… His extraordinary look and cloths for the Armenian reality were the reason for stupid childish jokes… Almost 20 years have passed, but Seiran – one of those kids – can’t get rid of the sense of guilt. An idea occurred to him to produce a film about the Molokans, so that Armenians could learn more about them and take them as granted. The film starts with the above story. Since the Molokans live in a closed community, the production team travelled to Fioletovo – the only village in Armenia inhabited by only the Molokans. The film heroes – the Molokans themselves – tell about their personal stories, thus unfolding the image of the Molokans in general. Margahovit (is next to Fioletovo) villagers also speak about their Russian neighbors and interrelations between Armenians and their Russian neighbors. The film ends with the episode, where Seiran speaks about his success in finding Petr Kosolapov’s family members. They live in Yerevan, in the same district as before. Petr Kosolapov has died… His children took the DVD of the film about their father, though they can’t view it: there should be no TV and computer in the Molokan’s home. “Maybe they shouldn’t view this film at all…” These are the last words of the film, which reveal the truth about the Molokans and leaves the myths aside.

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